The Functional Movement Therapy training platform has been built to guide your recovery from back pain in both pre and post-operative care. Join us to take back your life starting today!

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Bye-Bye Back Pain Training Program

Have you been limited by back pain for way too long? It goes up and down throughout the day and will move across the back and maybe even to the outside of the hips and down the outside of the thighs. You've tried stretching, meds, and even seeing your doctor about it...

But the pain is still there! 

We know how much this can affect your life and your relationships. This is why we created this digital training course using the FMT 360 Training Method!

In this course you will be taken through our self-diagnosis so you can: 

  • Understand your 'Why'
  • Have a personalized game plan to resolve it
  • Strengthen your body to regain your confidence
  • Regain your endurance to tackle life and enjoy time with family & friends :)

Deuk Spinal Wellness Training Program

Welcome to the Duek Spinal Wellness Training Program! I'm Dr. Nick, your guide to a safe and effective recovery from your laser spine surgery. In this training program, we are going to give you the tools and training necessary to have the most successful recovery possible from this state-of-the-art surgery. 

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