The Functional Movement Therapy training platform has been built to guide your recovery from back pain in both pre and post-operative care. Join us to take back your life starting today!

Deuk Spinal Wellness Training Program

The first 8-12 weeks after your surgery are vital for stabilizing the spine and allowing the spinal disc to heal. 

These video trainings are going to show you exactly how to get back to performing daily tasks, back to work, and back to enjoying life while maintaining Dr. Deuk's spinal precautions along with our very best tips and tricks. 

This training is meant to be a supplement to our 1 on 1 virtual training so that we can build our conversation to the most productive level and help you achieve the best possible outcome long-term. 

Are you ready to move forward? Let's go!

8 Modules

Deuk Spinal Wellness Training Program Intro - Week 1

Welcome! I'm Dr. Nick and I'll be your guide through this spinal wellness training program. Here's what to expect from our time together and what you can do to make it the most effective program for your long-term healing. 

A Healthy Respect - Week 2

This week we want to further build your understanding of the "core" and how to properly engage the muscles which make up the core. More importantly, we will utilize these muscles to protect your body and aide in the healing process. 

A Neutral Spine & Core Activation - Week 3

In Week 3 we are going to use our core muscles in order to put ourselves back into optimal alignment! This week, our goal is to continue to decrease pain and improve neural tension by improving our ability to find and maintain spinal neutral. Keep on working hard, friends. You are getting better every day!

Seeing the Light - Week 4

As humans we live in 3 dimensions. Forces are always coming at us forward to backwards, side to side, and pushing us into rotation. During this week's training we will learn how to stabilize those forces in order to maintain neutral without sacrificing our spinal health. 

Functional Strength - Week 5

This week week we get to talk about several important topics which will help you to move forward back to a "normal" life, functional strengthening, and further progressing your understanding of the healing process. 

Functional Movement Training - Week 6

Congratulations!!! We've made it to Week 6 where you get to take the brace off AND we introduce the functional movement patterns of hip hinging and resisted scapular activation. Time to celebrate with movement :)

Bilateral Hinge Patterns - Week 7

This week we are going to progress your functional training and I couldn't be more excited for you! Now that your joint and soft tissue mobility has improved, posture and spinal hygiene are second nature, and your core strength and stability are improving, it's time to move forward. Let the fun work begin!!!

Moving Forward & Beyond - Week 8

As we are conclude our program I want to spend intentional time reviewing the principles of movement, progressing your movement training, and talking about next steps in order to set you up for success!

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