The Functional Movement Therapy training platform has been built to guide your recovery from back pain in both pre and post-operative care. Join us to take back your life starting today!

Bye-Bye Back Pain Training Program

Hey there,  

Are you ready to kick that pain to the curb and take your life back?!?!

If you yelled out, HELL YES! then let's do this. 

This is our beta-testing phase of the FMT 360 Bye-Bye Back Pain course. As a course members we want your feedback because after all, this product is for you! In return for your feedback, will be in contact with you and you will have our full support along the way

...but this deal only lasts through pre-sale! The course will officially launch to the public on 9/30/22 so the time is now to act and take advantage of this special offer. 

Once launched the course will be 100% digital. 

Get access to the course right here!

This product is for those who have been suffering with back pain across the lower back that does not travel down the back of the leg

- In this training you will learn the cause of your back pain, how to resolve that cause once and for all, and how to improve your health and fitness so it never comes back

- In this product you'll get a full self-assessment, 12 week training program, nutrition support, mental health exercises, and more!

- once purchased you'll have lifetime access to the content

- Buy now because the price will go up once the full release date is revealed!

12 Modules

FMT Principles - Week 1

Week 1 is here and we are ready to start getting better. We are so excited to be your guide on this journey back to recovery and your best self. As you move forward keep in mind the FMT principles. I invite you to weigh your decisions on how to recover against the simple principles we go over in these modules. 

Spinal Hygiene - Week 2

In Week 1 we examined ourselves and started to get an understanding of the FMT 360 process. We teach based on principles so that they can be applied to everyday life AND the exercises we recommend. The exercise becomes training for the real world. 

In Week 2, we are going to look at the most common real-world situations that aggravate our symptoms and learn how to control our bodies by using the 'Triangles of Stability'. By improving control of our body we can be certain to strengthen the correct parts of our bodies during exercise in order to use them properly during real life. 

Anti-Rotation & Your Neutral Spine - Week 3

As humans we move in 3-dimensions, however, most of our rehab exercises are done in 1 plane of motion. It's time to start training and living as we were meant to. That starts today with understanding where your neutral spine is and how to manage those 3 planes of motion. 

Real Life Tips & Tricks - Week 4

Now that we have gained an understanding of the core, how to activate it, and how to fight gravity through neutral posture, let's start to apply those principles to real life!

Functional Movement Training - Week 5

We are doing the work and seeing improvements all over! Typically at this point we are noticing that A) mobility and control are really improving B) we've identified and corrected our main aggravating factors C) the baseline strengthen activities are able to be progressed to 3 sets of 15 each. 

Now it is time to move on to our functional movement training!

Optimizing Movement Patterns - Week 6

During this week we are going to review some of the most common pain and diagnosis patterns that are present with continued back pain (& hip pain). Dialing in these movement patterns is essential to allowing the tissues to heal properly and resolve the injury(ies) once and for all. 

Spend time mastering these issues and be patient with this section before moving on to the next. 

Essential Functional Movements - Week 7

This week we are going to progress your functional training and I couldn't be more excited for you! Now that your joint and soft tissue mobility has improved, posture and spinal hygiene are second nature, and your core strength and stability are improving, it's time to move forward. Let the fun work begin!!!

Split Stance & Advanced Hinging Patterns - Week 8

Now that we are comfortable with utilizing the 3 bilateral functional movements it is time that we progress to split stance hinging and single leg hinging. In this week we introduce the ideas of the 'golfer's pick-up' and split stance deadlift among other topics. 

Loading Functional Movements - Week 9

As you are starting to master the bilateral hip hinge motions it is time to start adding load to these movements. In preparing for this next step it's important to have these aspects of function mastered...

Training in 3D - Week 10

All too often in rehab (or fitness) we get stuck moving in 1 dimension, the sagittal plane (aka forward and backwards). In this week's training we are going to start moving in 3 dimensions, adding in rotation just like we do in the real world. 

Acceleration and Plyometrics - Week 11

As we move forward with your training program, improving our capacity for creating force and power is going to give you back a feeling of strength and capacity to generate force. This week we are going to dive into how to dynamically warm up for those activities, how to load your functional movements, and how to progress plyometrics. 

Returning to Sport - Week 12

We've made it to Week 12 and I couldn't be more excited for you. Thinking back over the last 3 months, what has been your biggest accomplishment and what are you most excited for as you move forward from injury through recovery and into fitness? 

Feel free to share with us your successes and plans on social media! 

Modules for this product 12
Good-Bye Back Pain!

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